All IBG members have extensive and rich business experience, from a large range of backgrounds and areas of expertise, both in Brazil and abroad.


This extensive fund of corporate and business experience allows for a significant reduction in risks and oversights when establishing businesses in Brazil


The following projects have and are being handled by IBG.


IBG, through its wide range of experiences, can facilitate contacts and links to in-depth sources of information

About us

  • Company

    IBG was formed in early 2010 by a group of business executives to offer their very considerable experience of work in Brazil for the benefit of others, as well of themselves.

  • What we do

    The group meets regularly, acting as a forum for the exchange of experiences and ideas, and often with the presence of invited speakers to bring in new ideas and insights.

  • Origins

    IBG brings together many years of international business experience together with strong and varied multi-cultural exposure.
    The majority of members are British or ‘Anglo-Brazilians’, all are bilingual in English and Portuguese, and several speak other European languages.

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